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A Note From Isabella

I’m running for Lieutenant Governor because I’m convinced New Mexico is in trouble and we’re running out of time.

New Mexico is ranked the 44th worst economy in the country. We have the 45th worst infrastructure. We’re the 47th worst for crime and safety … and worst of all, we’re 50th in the nation when it comes to educating our children.

I believe the genesis of our problems are the far left policies, cronyism, and corruption of the Democrats who control New Mexico’s state government.

They pass down rules they don’t follow themselves. They use our tax dollars to provide security for themselves that they deny the rest of us.  They trap our children in failing schools. They over-tax and over-regulate our businesses, then blame job creators for our ranking as one of the worst economies in America.

Let's give families a choice which schools their children can attend, and more charter schools to choose from.  Rather than defund police, let's defend them.  Let's make New Mexico a breeding ground for great ideas and entrepreneurial excellence. 

We can take back New Mexico and make it the land of enchantment again, but only if we'll demand accountability and integrity from those who serve us and the freedom to succeed.


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About Isabella

I remember at the age of 16 going with my father to the bank so he could apply for a loan.  He took me along because he couldn't speak much English and only had a 2nd grade education. But he knew that if he could borrow enough to buy a truck, he could start a small trucking company. 

We got that loan, and he bought that truck.  And he and my mom built a successful business, raised 8 kids, and made a future for us neither of them could ever have hoped for.

As the saying goes, "only in America."


Leadership for tough times
Prosperity for every NM family
Give families a choice of schools
Restore trust in government

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