I remember at the age of 16 going with my father to the bank so he could apply for a loan. He took me along because he couldn't speak much English and only had a 2nd grade education. But he knew that if he could borrow enough to buy a truck, he could start a small trucking company. 

We got that loan, and he bought that truck. And he and my mom built a successful business, raised 8 kids, and made a future for us neither of them could ever have hoped for.

As the saying goes, "only in America."

As a young mom, I worked hard raising two children, holding down a full time job, and putting myself through college at night. It took a long time, but I finally received a degree.

I went to work for FEMA, providing disaster relief for the victims of Hurricane Katrina. I also served with Tierra del Sol, a philanthropic organization working to provide homes for those in need. 

I always yearned to help others achieve their own dream, just as my mom, dad and our family did. I ran for public office and was elected Chair of the Dona Ana County Commission.

We opened the Crisis Triage Center to help our mentally challenged families. I served on the Advisory Board of the Las Cruces Retired Senior Volunteer Program; Chairwoman of the Big Event for Cancer Aid Resources and Education, Inc; the Public Lands Steering Committee of the National Association of Counties; and the National Association of Counties Immigration Task Force.

I've also been involved as Chairwoman of the Hispanic Conservatives Outreach Committee, and vice-chair of the Republican Party of Dona Ana County.
My husband served in the U.S. Marine Corps, the Department of Corrections, and as an officer at the Federal Building. Together, we've raised 5 wonderful children.


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